An Introduction

Since this is my first blog post I will start my introducing myself and discuss where I have come thus far in my quest for a job.  I have a term and a half left at the University of Oregon.  Some days I am excited about graduating and others I am completely freaked out.  I thought I was entering the “real world” when I graduated from high school but I was wrong, college is definitely not the real world.  We are living week-to-week, we know when we will be tested, challenged, and in over our heads with homework.  It is a scary thought not knowing  where I will be in a few months.  Eugene? Portland? New York City? Who knows!

I feel like I am doing all the right things to put me in a good position for employment.  I am a member of Allen Hall Public Relations, PRSSA , I have had a few internships, and I do well in my classes.  Sometimes I feel like that is not enough.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could fill out a bunch of applications and then some company will just accept us? If only we didn’t have to go through that scary interview process.  I am getting better at it, but I wish I didn’t have to practice so much.  Last time I sat down for an informational interview the interviewee said, “well, normally we don’t agree to talk with people that have typo’s in their e-mails…” That was a blow to the ego. 

That is enough whining from me.  We are graduating! We shoud all be excited and ready to see what is next.  We are all smart and we will find a job even if we have to fight against a poor economy.  In this blog I will talk about important interview experiences, resume tips, internship advice, and I will tell my story of entering the “real world.” I will also talk about some different areas of PR that I am interested in such as consumer, hospitality, and technology.  Just to get started, I will refer you to I am Intern,  a great blog to pay attention to and get great tips on finding a job. 


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