Preps For The First Job

What is the transformation going to be like from college-life to life as a working professional? Are we going to be prepared?  I am confident in what I am learning in my classes.  I have learned a lot of valuable  information at my internship at the International Society for Technology in Education.  But are we really going to be prepared to work in a professional environment?  I think our group projects in classes are training us to work in a professional setting.

 After reading Searching for Savvy, I got a better look at what I should be prepared for.  I’ve also learned that if we are organized now we will be better prepared for life after graduation.  One thing I discovered while at ISTE has really helped me.  Google Alerts make my job so much easier! I get daily alters via e-mail about ISTE updates on Google.  I no longer have to research blogs every day, but rather the updates come to me through e-mail notifications. 

I think many college grad’s are nervous about taking the next step.  Familiarizing yourself with different social media tools and organizational skills will you definitely benefit you in the future.  I think the most difficult task is going to be taking a leadership role in an environment that is new and unfamiliar to us. 

The most important part to me about preparing to work in a professional environment is getting into the habit of proof-reading my work multiple times before submitting it.  This goes for quick e-mails, to work that will be published.  I know it’s not my best quality, but I have learned that just getting my two roommates to go over my work helps.  It never hurts to have a new set of eyes look at your work. 


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