Facebook Faces The Truth

I’m sure you have all heard about the privacy issues that Facebook has been dealing with.  For about a week my Twitter stream was filled up with articles about Facebook’s new policy.  Thankfully, Facebook listened to all of the complaining clients.

Facebook is a public social network.  If you don’t have a lot of privacy settings on your account virtually anyone can get a hold of your information and pictures.  Just this idea scares me, hence the reason why I have a lot of privacy settings in place.  I don’t want anyone saving my pictures, or using them without my permission.  It really freaked me out that Facebook created a policy where they could “own” them.  But would I delete my account?  I know many college students that are addicted to checking their Facebook multiple times a day. I don’t think the majority of Facebook users would delete their accounts.  I believe that many people would monitor what they put on Facebook though.

A consumer advocate website, The Consumerist, noted the initial change to Facebooks terms of service policy.  Following this, many people deleted their accounts or joined a group called, “The People Against The New Terms of Service.”

I was very happy that Facebook made note of peoples frustrations with the new policy and decided to change their policy back to the old version.  It makes me wonder why they decided to change it in the first place.  Did they expect users to be alright with the new policy?  Bulldog Reporter explains what happened in great detail in their blog.


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