Ethical Images and Public Relations

ethics1I am currently enrolled in a class called Psychology of Gender at the U of O.  This class is really interesting.  Last week we talked about ethical images and women in the media.  This was interesting to me because last summer  I took a class that was about digital images and digitally altering images.  There are so many pictures out there that have been digitally altered, and these images really have an effect on women and create numerous body/self image issues for women.

This makes me realize how important it is for me to work for a company that has clients with strong ethics.  I think this is something that PR professionals should stand up against more often.  How can we support companies that put out unethical images?

In Public Relations most of our conversations around ethics is about the use of words.  I think it is almsot just as important to talk about the use of images as well.  Images are very powerful and can be absorbed a lot quicker compared to words.  It is extremely easy to alter images.  They can be posed, digitall altered or enhanced, and the process of choosing certain photographs and how they are reproduced.

I came across a website that lists famous altered photos throughout history.  It made me think if the use of public relations took place when deciding to alter these images.  A lot of the images on the list are from top journalistic stories.  You would think that famous journalists would decide not to edit a picture, but supposedly a good story is more important then staying within ethical guidelines.


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