Gwyneth Paltrow’s

Being new to the blogosphere, I haven’t come across too many gwyneth-paltrow-picture-1celebrity blogs that I enjoy to read.  I can’t say the same for Gwyneth Paltrow’s  Her website is a combination of personal matters, fashion and beauty, and special hobbies and interests.  Each week shes posts something different that falls under the topic of make, go, get, do, be, or see.  This week her post fell under the “make” category.  She describes a meal she had Mario Batali’s house a few months ago.  She includes details of the meal with recipes.  Her writing style is very personal and fun to read. 

I wish more celebrities hosted websites like GOOP.  You not only get an incite on her lifestyle but she gives great advice and tips.  Paltrow is engaging in great public relations.  She is creating a better relationship with her fans and engaging in conversation with them.  She is introducing them to new ideas and insights that they wouldn’t get without reading this blog.  What sets GOOP apart from other popular lifestyle sites is the personal messages she adds to each weeks entry.  This is very refreshing when compared to other news that circulates in Hollywood. 

My favorite section of the website is the “get” section.  She reccommends accessories from Urban Outfitters and Tod’s and affordable clothes from American Apparel mixed with designer collections from Juicy Couture.  She posts pictures of her favorite outfits and then picks them apart and tells you where she gets each piece. 

This website is very easy to follow.  It is not overloaded with pictures and video clips.  She has compiled her extremely successful acting career into her own brand.  The motto for the website is, “nourish the inner aspect.”  That is exactly what the website does for its readers.


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